Response regarding CFMEU social media post – 7 January 2019

Another inaccurate report has surfaced on a CFMEU social media page.

The images posted show the lowest point of the tunnel between Airport Central Station and Redcliffe Station. During construction, it is not unusual for slurry and water to be found at the lowest points of the tunnels; this is a natural part of advancing tunnelling and extending pipe work to the TBMs. Temporary pumps are in place to remove any water or slurry build up on a regular basis. These pumps will remain in place until the permanent sump and pumping system is installed.

The worker seen in one of the pictures was undertaking a check on the pumps as part of his normal daily duties.  The photographs were taken from the access walkway installed at this location to avoid workers entering the water.

All workers accessing this area are aware that water and slurry is present, and walkways are in place and must be used.

There is no record to show that an attempt was made by the CFMEU to clarify any facts related to this image before the false accusations were posted.

We continue to be disappointed by the misleading and inaccurate attacks on our project and again deny the accusations levelled at our approach to safety.


Statement attributable to SI-NRW Project Director Richard Graham

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