More than 500 workers are helping to build the Forrestfield-Airport Link. From designers, engineers, surveyors, tunnellers to construction workers – we have a diverse and committed workforce focused on delivering this major public transport project.

We are proud of our team and the work they do.

We are also proud of the role we are playing in shaping the future of tunnelling in Australia. International tunnelling experts on our team are passing on their knowledge and skills to local workers. This will prepare our local workforce for future demands in tunnelling, a field expected to grow with infrastructure demands.


Chris – Tunnel team

Chris started with SI-NRW in early 2018 as a tunnel worker. He was then voted in as the Health and Safety Representative for both tunnels/tunnel boring machines (TBMs) on his shift, then he was recently promoted to a Leading Hand position for TBM Sandy.


What do you enjoy about your job?
Working on the TBM is a different experience than the jobs I have had in the past. As well as being Leading Hand and a Health and Safety Representative, I find myself being involved and working alongside management from time to time which is always good.

Any challenges?
At first it was challenging to work alongside a lot of different people from different cultures and backgrounds, but now it’s quite rewarding to have that professional workplace relationship with everyone – it’s like a second family when you’re at work here.

How does this project differ to others you have worked on?
With this project it’s been good to be recognised and rewarded for the hard work you put in. In other projects I have felt like “just another number”, but here everyone knows you and recognises you, so that’s a good thing.


Anthony – Bayswater team

Anthony joined the SI-NRW JV team when construction first began in Forrestfield in September 2016. He is currently the Senior Site Supervisor on our Bayswater site and responsible for supervising workers while maintaining a safe work environment.


What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy the different challenges that we as a team are faced with and working through them together. I have a great interest in expansion projects and infrastructure, so it is enjoyable to be working on a project that I have a keen interest in and one that enables me to learn new skills on a daily basis. I am lucky to work with a great bunch of people and look forward to completing the project with them.

What are the challenges?
At Bayswater, one of the main challenges we face is the management and operations of a large-scale structure in such a small area. The extremely narrow site is bordered with neighboring residents on the south and a live train service on the north. However, with a great team, organization and planning we are able to tackle this issue head on.

How does this project differ to other projects you have worked on?
It is the first of its kind in WA and has many specialised elements which has enabled me to gain an extensive understanding and experience in this field. Additionally, working with Italians has enabled me to develop my Italian vocabulary and love for coffee!


Fergal – Segment facility team

Fergal is the Precast Supervisor at our Carolyn Way factory, where the tunnel segments are made. Over the past year he has played a key role in the day-to-day activity of the precast factory, ordering materials and coordinating deliveries.


What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy working alongside my colleagues and focusing on completing the contract. Overall, there are 92 people who work in the factory.

What are the challenges?
The challenges are in keeping the production line running, maintaining the tools and machinery as we run 24hrs a day.

How does this project differ to other projects you have worked on?
I hadn’t worked in a precast factory before, although I have experience in more traditional formwork and have worked in construction all my working life.
What interested me was the new challenge of working on a unique project like the tunnel.