The Forrestfield-Airport Link construction project has reached 905 days during which approximately 3.1 million man hours have been worked. Our goal is to reach the end of every day with no incidents. We are doing everything we can, including working with independent bodies such as WorkSafe, to make sure no accidents occur.

WorkSafe has completed more than 35 inspections since construction started. We are also regularly audited by our client and Federal authorities. Just last week (24 and 25 October), WorkSafe completed two days inspecting our eight sites and two tunnels and raised no notices or issues of concern.

We provide union access 3-4 times a week to our sites. Unions have made more than 275 visits to our sites since the work began. We have no issues with unions or any safety authority reviewing our practices.

Across our total workforce of 500, about 30 personnel are 457 visa holders. They are in specialist roles working on the tunnel boring machines (TBMs). These workers have been brought here specifically for their specialist skills and international experience working on similar projects.

Across the eight sites, none of our safety managers are 457 holders. All are either local, Australian or fluent English speakers. Our construction managers all speak English.

This is a project of international significance, which has required specialist international skills. We are proud of the workforce we have and believe they are operating in high functioning teams where the communication between supervisors and workers is excellent.

We adhere to both the International Tunnelling Associations risk management practices and the International Tunnelling Insurers Group Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnel Works.

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