The Forrestfield-Airport Link project is being constructed to international standards and is subject to quality assurance and independent verification at every step.

WorkSafe has completed more than 35 inspections since construction started and last inspected the sites on 9 November. There were no notices raised.

We operate eight open sites and provide union access to relevant areas 3-4 times every week. Unions have made almost 300 visits to our sites since construction commenced. We deal openly with union representatives and have no issue with any safety authority reviewing our practices.

This is a project of international significance. We are employing the highest standards and achieving incredible engineering feats, including having now completed 6.4km of tunnelling.

We have completed 964 days of construction and 3.4 million man hours have been worked. We are proud of our workforce and we see them operating in high-functioning teams and making significant progress every day. Our goal is to reach the end of each day with no incidents. Safety is our first priority.

We adhere to both the International Tunnelling Associations risk management practices and the International Tunnelling Insurers Group Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnel Works.

We look forward to continuing to deliver this exciting project in collaboration with PTA and all our stakeholders.

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