Statement attributable to Salini Impregilo-NRW JV Project Director Richard Graham

In light of some additional quotes and claims provided to our client, the Public Transport Authority (PTA), yesterday, Salini Impregilo-NRW JV would like to provide the following additional statements for your consideration ahead of any publication of incorrect claims against our project.

Hyperbaric interventions are one of the most critical activities on our project and are treated with maximum care and attention to all procedures and requirements. Since the start of the project there have been many interventions. On average, each hyperbaric worker has completed more than 15 dives, and none has experienced any serious decompression illness. This demonstrates our hyperbaric works and procedures are appropriate and functional.

From the comments we have seen from a former worker, who we believe has not been in our employment for almost a year, the worker displays a fundamental misunderstanding regarding the inspections of the medical lock.

To clarify, a medical lock is fully inspected before the start of an intervention, which can typically cover a few days. The medical lock does not need to be re-inspected, if not used, throughout the duration of the intervention. Further, notwithstanding the fact that international standards do not require a medical lock if there is a suitably equipped hospital (Fiona Stanley) within 1 hour of the intervention site, SI-NRW JV has provided this extra precautionary measure.

All other statements and claims provided to us by Seven West Media for comment have been categorically refuted. We stand by our record regarding this critical area of work and would emphasise these claims are part of a sustained attempt to mislead the public with false allegations and undermine the achievements of our team.

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